Miracle Field, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Posted on 01/25/17

Hamilton Springs gets $1.6 million grant for new communter rail station



Posted on 12/05/16

Check out our LivePicture living green wall

“LivePicture is at the cutting edge of green design where nature and art converge.” – Ambius

Lose & Associates recently added a living green wall to our new office building. You can check out these innovative designs that require no electricity or plumbing at www.ambius.com


Posted on 11/18/16

Funding for proposed park in Cheatham County


At a recent commission business development committee meeting, leaders were told it could cost anywhere from $18 million to $32 million to build everything that is part of a preliminary concept plan.

At Tuesday’s workshop, much of the discussion centered on how to fund the possible long-term project, which would be done in phases and over the course of many years as money is available.

Officials have discussed applying for state grants to help fund the project, but the county would need to consider other revenue sources if the project takes shape. (more…)

Posted on 09/09/16

What’s happening in Wilson County? Bell family donates land for new park at Hamilton Station



Posted on 08/18/16

What a great accomplishment for our Lose team and Fayetteville, Arkansas on their new Regional Park

Fayetteville Grand Opening park1


Posted on 08/18/16

Welcome our new hires to our Lose & Associates team


Posted on 07/26/16

Lose & Associates welcomes new hires!


Posted on 06/17/16

Residents support more hiking and biking trails at proposed state park


Posted on 06/08/16

Clarksville sports complex would cost $79M to $81M

635841392929125711-CAC-ONLINE-ONLYCLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — The difference in cost between Clarksville’s potential sports complex sites at Tiny Town Road or Rossview Road is about $2 million, but much more will determine where the city council decides to put the multimillion-dollar site. During the council’s special session Tuesday, Lose & Associates, the consulting group hired by the city, presented its findings on the development costs and impact either site would have on the city. The building cost for the site at 1850 Rossview Road near Exit 8 would be $81,421,350, according to Cris Camp, president of Lose & Associates. The cost for the site at 2174 Tiny Town Road near Exit 1 would be about $2 million less at $79,472,607. Sinkholes, Camp said, are a major concern for them at the Tiny Town Road site, while sinkholes at the Rossview site would not be as big of a problem. Traffic, according to the study, also is lighter near the Rossview Road site compared with Tiny Town Road. “From the technical side of the land locations, (Rossview) is clearly the better site,” Camp told the council.

THE LEAF CHRONICLE Disagreement on athletic complex location However, some council members didn’t agree. Ward 2 Councilwoman Deanna McLaughlin said she thought the Tiny Town Road area would be more appealing to developments, such as hotels, compared with the Exit 8 area. “I feel like there’s more development potential on the Tiny Town Road location by private developers than there would be at the Exit 8 area,” McLaughlin said. “… Tiny Town Road, it’s ripe for development.” Ward 1 Councilman Richard Garrett pointed out how the Rossview Road site is not in city limits and would have to be annexed by the city. “I don’t think it’s the project for Montgomery County considering the constituents seem so opposed to any development in that area,” Garrett said. “We need to take care of what we already have inside the city limits,” McLaughlin said. Both sites would require rezoning before construction could start. “All things being equal, I can’t recommend the Tiny Town Road site based on the geology,” Camp said. “It’s a potential nightmare. You already had flooding issues just across (Interstate 24) because you’re overtaxing those sinkholes in the north part of the city.” Ward 11 Councilman Bill Powers suggested the city listen to the consulting group and if it recommends the Rossview Road site, he would vote that way as well. “I think the best thing I’ve heard from Mr. Camp is that he’s been doing this for 32 years,” Powers said. “It’s evident to me that he knows his stuff, and if he thinks the best site is Rossview, I have to accept it.”

The Tiny Town Road site is 390.9 acres and would cost about $17,679 per acre for the city. Rossview is 396 acres and would cost $15,228 per acre, according to the study. THE LEAF CHRONICLE Soccer goals might be met by Clarksville sports complex According to Camp’s presentation, impacts of any site would include an increase in traffic, noise and lighting glare from the sports fields. Traffic on Tiny Town Road at Sandpiper Drive and Tara Drive has about 22,692 cars and 25,702 cars pass through per day, respectively. Rossview Road east of International Boulevard has about 6,839 cars pass through per day, while 9,480 cars pass through on Rossview west of Ellington Gate Drive per day. “The development cost is $2 million difference so that’s pretty much a wash,” Camp said. “It’s the unknowns that you have with Tiny Town and the unlimited potential. You’re looking at Tiny Town Road and Exit 1 as it sits today. I’m not hearing any comments about how you want to develop Exit 8 moving out into the county. “You have thousands of acres of land, and you’ve already got hotels and everything at Exit 4, so you’re building something that could change Clarksville’s future and not be limited like Exit 1 is.”

Reach Ray Howze at 931-245-0750 and on Twitter @rayhowze_leaf.

Posted on 06/01/16

New Bike Trails Planned for Henry County, TN

Henry Co


Posted on 05/23/16

Take a Look! New Adams Tennis Complex located in Murfreesboro, TN

*video provided by MTSU Athletics Department

Posted on 04/28/16

Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center Expected to Open End of Summer

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Smyrna is breaking ground on the city’s new Outdoor Adventure Center.

It’s being built on Sam Ridley Parkway at the Smyrna Town Centre and will include a fitness center, rooms for rent, a climbing wall, and pool with a slide.

(Photo: WKRN)

Mayor Mary Esther Reed said the center will have a big impact on the city.

“We’re going to bring in more citizens bringing in more business and industry when we’re looking to bring in business and industry,” Reed explained.

She added, “One of the things they’re looking for is quality of life, and this is a huge quality of life piece to our puzzle.”

The Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center is expected to open at the end of the summer. There will be a minimal charge.


Posted on 04/19/16

Parks Grant In The Works


Posted on 03/14/16

Come take a Virtual Tour of Miracle Field at McKnight Park

Posted on 03/10/16

Park moves forward in Ashland City

An engineering company has been selected to help Cheatham County and Ashland City move forward on developing a 229-acre park along the Cumberland River.

Posted on 03/10/16

Lose & Associates helps design new Miracle Field park

The city of Murfreesboro and Project One Four, a David Price foundation, are teaming together to bring a Miracle Field to Murfreesboro. The project includes a standard baseball field, a synthetic turf area, a timed 20-yard dash track and an inclusive playground in the area he calls home.

Posted on 03/10/16

The Commons at the Crossings

Get insight on the Commons at the Crossings in Nashville, TN.

Posted on 05/26/15

Hockey rinks, community center planned for mixed-use center at Antioch mall

Metro will build a new ice rink in the parking lot of the former Hickory Hollow Mall.

The $14 million facility was announced Monday at the groundbreaking for the already-announced library and community center set for the northern corner of the Antioch retail space now known as Global Mall at the Crossings.

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Posted on 06/18/13

Old Antioch mall’s reinvention to continue with new hockey rink, community center

The city of Nashville is planning to issue $14 million in bonds to build a new hockey center in Antioch.

The new center, along with a new community center, fitness center and library, is designed to help boost the former Hickory Hollow Mall, which largely closed last year after years of falling sales. Other nearby retailers also closed as people left the area for new shopping destinations.

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Posted on 06/18/13

New hockey rink planned for former Hickory Hollow Mall

Metro and the Nashville Predators are expected to announce plans Monday for a community hockey facility on the grounds of the former Hickory Hollow Mall.

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Posted on 06/18/13

Hockey Rink Part Of Plan For Global Mall At The Crossings

A community hockey rink will be part of the city’s new mixed-use complex at the Global Mall at the Crossings in southeast Nashville, Mayor Karl Dean and the Nashville Predators announced Monday.

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Posted on 06/18/13

Kingsport Aquatic Center Opens

See the Channel 5 WCYB video of the Kingsport Aquatic Center.

Watch the video

Posted on 05/17/13

Kingsport Aquatic Center officially opens

The Kingsport Aquatic Center officially opened its doors Friday morning before an assembled crowd of elected officials, city staff, chamber of commerce representatives and YMCA staff.

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Posted on 05/17/13

Picturesque sporting venue is a big hit for the RedHawks

Martin Methodist College’s RedHawks baseball and softball teams are playing their first season on their new home fields. Lose & Associates, Inc. provided master-planning and mass grading design for this project.

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Posted on 04/12/13

Martin Hall of Famer throws out a perfect first pitch

Frank Smith, who was inducted into the Martin Methodist Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 after a stellar baseball career in 1953-1955, made his first visit to the new East Campus field to throw out the first pitch on Saturday, March 30.

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Posted on 04/01/13

Transit fuels housing in Lebanon, Gallatin

Residents of Middle Tennessee’s first “transit-ready” subdivisions will be able to catch a train or rapid transit bus just a few steps from their door and commute to downtown Nashville without giving traffic on I-40 or I-65 a second thought — or even a first.

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Posted on 03/19/13

James O. Oates Park Design to Begin

DOTHAN, AL–Tuesday city commissioners voted to begin phase one. Phase one involves having a company create the design and layout.

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Posted on 02/05/13

Gallatin’s Greensboro North Transit Ready Development Wins the TAPA Award for Outstanding Green Development

Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association (TAPA) recently announced Gallatin, Tennessee’s Greensboro North Transit Ready Development (TRD) as the 2012 recipient for Outstanding Planning Award for a Green Development in the small community category.

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Posted on 11/20/12

Firms make pitch to design Bibb’s recreation master plan

The presentations by the five firms did offer some insight for the commission. For instance, Lose & Associates of Lawrenceville pointed out that studies show that 11 percent of Bibb households do not have a vehicle for transportation. ZT3 Placemaker Studio, the only Macon company bidding for the job, noted that the county has seen a rise in both the number of residents under age 16 and the number over age 64.

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Posted on 11/01/12

Alexandria adds $200,000 to renovation budget for Frank O. Hunter Park

Frank O. Hunter Park is on Willow Glen River Road and is one of the city’s oldest parks. It is one of six parks included as part of a master plan improvement project developed by Lose & Associates. The company, hired to study the city’s parks, recommended in August 2009 that the city invest $60 million in its parks and recreation systems.

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Posted on 10/31/12

When a Plan Comes Together

City leaders undertook and extensive planning process in 2010-11 to develop the Point Park master plan, complete with riverfront design plans. Working with Lose and Associates, the city invited residents to give their input into how the riverfront should be developed.

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Posted on 10/29/12

Wetlands among city’s wonders

Like the rain forests and coral reefs, wetlands are some of the most fascinating and active ecosystems in the world. And Murfreesboro is home to several of them.

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Posted on 10/23/12

Lose makes finals in the international Designing Action Nashville competition

Text “Eco-Social Urbanism” to (615) 442-6819 to vote for the People’s Choice Award!
Lose & Associates, Inc. staff members volunteered to participate in the international Designing Action Nashville competition, a project supported in part by an award for the National Endowment for the Arts. Designing Action “seeks to encourage the re-imagination of an industrial site along Downtown Nashville’s Cumberland River, with an emphasis on creation active spaces for healthy citizens; highlighting alternative sports and related activities.” Lose & Associates’ design competition entry, Eco-Social Urbanism, is one of 17 finalists out of over 130 individuals and teams who registered for the competition (from 29 countries, covering six continents). Finalists’ entries are on display along the Rolling Mill Hill Greenway through the end of October, 2012.
Posted on 10/08/12

Pascagoula parks and recreation master plan says residents want aquatic features

PASCAGOULA, Mississippi — Pascagoula residents want more water-related recreation options and more city-led events and programs, a landscape architect told city councilmen Tuesday night.

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Posted on 10/08/12

Haslam announces nearly $630K grant for downtown

Dickson officials and Main Street merchants rallied for the money some years ago. Phase I, a $1.5 million renovation headed up by Nashville-based architecture and engineering firm Lose & Associates, was completed in November.

Community enhancement grants established by Congress, Haslam added, were fiscally sound because the money goes to the states and states decide on local projects.

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Posted on 07/25/12

Livability.com list of Top 10 Soccer Cities

The city’s $12.9 million Richard Siegel Soccer Complex hosts several regional and national events for US Youth Soccer. The complex features 15 fields and a championship showcase stadium. City officials estimated that hosting the US Youth Soccer Southern Regionals in 2011 brought in more than $8 million to the local economy.

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Posted on 07/09/12

Developing without devouring

“The first-time homebuyer has radically different ideas about what they are looking for nowadays as compared to 15 or 20 years ago,” says Jay Everett, project manager for Lose and Associates.

“Even the baby boomer generation, which is what most of the housing stock was built for, their priorities are changing. A lot of them are empty nesters who realize they don’t need a five-bedroom house anymore and they don’t want to pay to clean it or maintain it or cut grass. They want a more active lifestyle.

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Posted on 06/01/12

Garden rings BELL for health

Now, it’s Tygard who is changing lives through the Bellevue Edible Learning Lab, a garden educating and encouraging healthy eating and living in Nashville – all while bringing the community together to operate a massive project on a minimal budget.

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Posted on 05/30/12

Groundbreaking For Hamilton Springs In Lebanon

A new development in Lebanon could change the way people live, work, and commute in Middle Tennessee.

Officials broke ground Tuesday on Hamilton Springs, which will create a traditional neighborhood “Village” of residences and businesses with a Music City Star commuter train at its center.

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Posted on 05/29/12

First transit-oriented development in TN breaks ground

Mike Wrye, vice president of Lose & Associates, Inc. engineering and architectural firm, said the development will offer residents an “urban-light lifestyle,” and residents can access all parts of the development by walking and bike trails.

Bell and Wrye said they had been working on the development for years, with the first plans in 2005. However, when the housing market tumbled, Bell said they had to look in a new direction.

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Posted on 05/29/12

WSMV: Gallatin announces new ‘transit-ready’ development

A new “transit-ready development” has been given the go ahead to begin construction by the Gallatin City Council – a first of it’s kind community in the state of Tennessee.

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Posted on 04/02/12

Nashville Post: Developers detail big Gallatin village plans

Development firm Green & Little has unveiled details of its plans to build a large mixed-use project between the city’s main thoroughfares and adjacent to Volunteer State Community College.

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Posted on 04/01/12

Lose & Associates eyes funding for Point Park projects

President Emeritus David Lose of Lose & Associates presented Carrollton City Council with two opportunities to receive funding for the Point Park project, including the River Walk.

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Posted on 01/11/12

Top things to consider for great landscaping results

“Lush green grass will always add to a home’s appeal,” says John W. Shields, certified landscape irrigation auditor, production manager for the landscape architecture department at Lose & Associates in Nashville, Tenn.  In this job, Shields has been the principal designer for most Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations for over 10 years. He says, “The decision to grow your lawn by using seed or pre-grown sod is based on many factors, primarily the cost and climate of where you live.”

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Posted on 08/06/11

Local Communities See Pay-Off From Soccer

The Tennesseean focuses on the $8.5 million in estimated revenue during a single week of U.S. Youth Soccer Regional Championships due to the new Murfreesboro Soccer Complex at Richard Siegel Park.

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Posted on 06/26/11

Harbor Added to Point Park Plans

Madison Courier talks about our concept plan for Point Park and the Carrolton riverwalk.

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Posted on 02/19/11

Proposed Development Unique to Middle TN

The Wilson Post focuses on our Hamilton Springs Specific Plan.

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Posted on 01/19/11

Lose & Associates Press Release

See the Lose & Associates press release from January 17, 2011, which features recent hires, promotions, and newly certified employees.

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Posted on 01/17/11