11th Off Main

Location: Franklin, Tennessee
Client: J.O. Clark Building Group

Lose & Associates, Inc. designed this urban infill project on the site of a previous industrial lot within the city limits of Franklin, Tennessee. As the design was completed, we launched a comprehensive campaign to educate neighbors, city officials, planning commission members and aldermen as to the benefits of infill residential projects to a downtown area. We produced brochures describing the project and mailed to all planning commission members with follow-up phone calls to answer any questions. The campaign was highly successful in getting the plan approved and recommended by the Planning Commission and the board of Mayor and Aldermen with little opposition.

The condominium plan had a gross density of 8 units/acre and was designed with “Big House” styled units fronting 11th Avenue (the public street). All units were rear loaded with alley access to garages. Strong emphasis was placed on street frontage aesthetics with a central open space designed to be accessed from the front of most units. This layout was carefully planned to fit within a “tight space” and was accentuated with landscape elements around the periphery of the development as buffering to the adjoining properties.