Accumulative Project History

Location: Huntington, West Virginia
Client: Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District

Lose & Associates is assisting the Huntington Parks District with a variety of projects. We have reviewed existing parks in the city’s parks and recreation system with the Parks Director to update their facilities. We engineered measures to divert storm water from existing tennis courts in Ritter Park. We developed conceptual drawings for a bell tower to honor Dr. Ambrose, a prominent citizen who died in the 9/11/01 crash that struck the Pentagon. Lose & Associates developed design and construction documents to rehabilitate a phase of Huntington’s Ohio River Park, reducing the amount and impact of paving and increasing green space for recreational and aesthetic uses. We are designing a promenade
with exercise stations and sitting areas overlooking the Ohio River, and adding tree groupings to minimize the visual impacts for parking areas and flood walls.