Brentwood Pointe

Location: Brentwood, Tennessee
Client: Haury & Smith

Brentwood Pointe is a 254-unit condominium and townhome complex in Franklin, Tennessee. Lose & Associates created a three-phase plan for the development of this project with a clubhouse, pool and tennis courts. Lose & Associates prepared the construction documents for Brentwood Pointe, including site civil engineering, landscape, and site amenities. The firm was responsible for coordinating the rezoning of the property and for working with the client’s attorneys to develop the restrictive covenants. The design for the complex maintains the integrity of the challenging site which features steep grades and diverse soils. Condominiums were located on the flatter areas of the site, while a smaller number of two-story townhomes were built on the steeper areas, creating open spaces within the site while minimizing grading.