City of Atlanta, Recreation Division Programming & Staff Organization Assessment

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Client: Atlanta Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department

In 2011, the City of Atlanta Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department hired Lose & Associates to perform a study of the Recreation Division’s overall programming and staff organization. Lose & Associates team members performed program assessments, staff interviews, and facility reviews to develop a set of recommendations. The study recommended the elimination of some positions, combination of some staff positions, and the creation of new staff positions for better lines of communication and overall staff hierarchy efficiency and established minimum requirements for staff qualifications for the various positions. These recommendations, as well as new programming suggestions, were intended to transform Atlanta’s management approach to be more in line with the standards of other large urban Parks and Recreation Departments

In 2013, the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs hired Lose & Associates to update the Programming and Staff Organizational Assessment we prepared in 2011. After recording our findings and reviewing the recommendations of the previous study, we made recommendations for changes to improve the department’s overall operation.