Fairvue Plantation Residence & Estate Grounds

Location: Fairvue, Tennessee
Client: Moore & Associates

An original 1830s mansion is the centerpiece of this five-acre estate at Fairvue Plantation, where world-renowned fox hunts were held in the late 1800s and thoroughbred racehorses were kept through the early 1900s. The property was purchased in the early 21st century by a family who wanted to refurbish the residence and make it their home.

Lose & Associates was engaged to develop a master plan for all estate grounds and establish a connection to a surrounding new residential development. Project highlights include construction details, planting plans and construction administration, outdoor landscape lighting concepts, preservation of the residence’s historic character through utilization of existing elements (such as original brick walls, 150-year-old boxwoods and the old carriage drive) while balancing the family’s desire for modern amenities.