Germantown Greenway

Location: Germantown, Tennessee
Client: Germantown Parks and Recreation

The Wolf River Nature Area is a 65-acre nature preserve that serves as the centerpiece for Germantown Parks & Recreation Department’s greenway system. Lose & Associates prepared a successful Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) Enhancement Grant for the City of Germantown, resulting in approximately $300,000 to fund the development of a portion of the Wolf River section of the greenway system. The firm was then selected to conduct an environmental assessment, develop construction drawings and design the interpretive program for the trail. The Greenway and interpretive program celebrate the river’s story from its humble headwaters near Springhill, Mississippi, to its convergence with the mighty Mississippi River. Dotted along the trails are stations with interactive elements addressing various aspects of the river area’s ecology, historical events, people and human impacts on the river’s ecology. The entire greenway extends for 5.5 miles and is composed of varying surfaces, depending on the environmental conditions along the route.

Working with a steering committee organized by the mayor and parks director, the Lose & Associates’ planning team developed a detailed program for the 6,500 sf Germantown Nature Center. The new design is to be a sustainable center that would qualify for LEED® certification — an educational example of conserving energy through building orientation and design, selection of renewable or recycled materials, water re-use and capturing solar energy. This new design was developed with a city staff and citizen committee. City department heads were involved to review regulatory and codes issues that would require modification in order to meet the LEED® goals for the project. The citizens worked with our exhibit designers to refine the exhibit program for the building; exhibit designs have been completed along with detailed cost estimates.