Goodlettsville Streetscape

Location: Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Client: Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Office

Lose & Associates was asked to prepare a land use/market analysis for the City of Goodlettsville as part of a downtown revitalization master plan. The objective of the new plan was to make the city a destination, not just a pass-through community. The plan included re-routing some of the traffic patterns in the city to provide local corridors that did not require travel on US Highway 31, as well as new routes to cottage retail centers. In addition to the new downtown master plan, Lose & Associates prepared an overall environmental impact study, which included the analysis of: potential stormwater runoff hazards, impact on community facilities, potential and implied responsibilities of the City regarding the above elements and anticipated public cost. We presented our results to the planning commission, the county commission and the Chamber
of Commerce of Sumner County, and the property was rezoned to reflect our recommendations.