Gwinnett County, Georgia, Trails and Greenways

Location: Gwinnett County

Lose & Associates prepared the County’s first greenways master plan in 2001.  From that, we developed the County’s first greenway, the Ivy Creek Greenway between the Mall of Georgia and the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. It included a 400’-long boardwalk spanning Ivy Creek. This project served as a test case designed to determine required local, state and federal permitting and the development of greenway design standards for use in future projects in Gwinnett County.

Also during this project, Lose & Associates coordinated with Gwinnett County floodplain management staff in order to determine design requirements for a bicycle/pedestrian bridge crossing a nearby apartment complex, resulting in the approval of a Conditional Letter of Map Revision from FEMA. We also prepared a TEA-21 grant application, acquiring $1 million for the trail’s extension in future phases. The first phase of the greenway received a Merit Award from the Georgia Chapter of the ASLA.

Since that first trail, Lose & Associates has provided routing studies and feasibility studies on several other trails, from small connections between Gwinnett Place Mall and McDaniel Farm Park, to cross-county trail networks.