Hamilton Springs, Transit-Oriented Development

Location: Lebanon, Tennessee
Client: Horn Springs Group, LLC

Hamilton Springs is the first community in Middle Tennessee that will be planned, designed and constructed to create a traditional neighborhood village around a train station. It will highlight a new Music City Star commuter train station as a central feature, within walking-distance of the offices, retailers, and residences. Hamilton Springs is designed to give residents, business people, and visitors the option to walk, bike, or ride transit to their destination in addition to driving their automobiles.

Lose & Associates guided the project through the entitlement process, including annexation and rezoning of the 220+ acre property from P.U.D. and R-2 to Specific Plan zoning. The resulting Master Plan and form-based planning document regulates the scale and massing of the built environment while remaining flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of neighborhood-scale complementary uses. Lose & Associates also conducted meetings with community stakeholders, political leaders, the Regional Transit Authority, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization to gain input and community buy-in. The project was unanimously approved by both the Lebanon Planning Commission and Lebanon City Council.

The initial infrastructure consists of a two-lane boulevard with 6 ft bicycle lanes as well as parallel parking on either side of the road. This boulevard terminates at the town square which is comprised of a large central green and future park for the community. Phase 1 of the development, Hamilton Station Apartments lies east of the boulevard. Phase 1 was completed in 2015 and includes 396 multi-family dwelling units. Phase 2, the Hamilton Springs RTA Station, has been approved by planning and is currently undergoing federal review. The train station will provide commuter rail via the Music City Star. The station consists of a large platform with connections for the future greenway as well as contemporary shelter for those waiting for the train. Adequate seating inside and out has been provided.

Phase 3 includes a 2-story, mixed-use building along Hamilton Station Boulevard which will consist of a mixture of convenience shops and personal services. This project has been approved by Planning and awaiting approval for construction. Phase 4 of the development, Traditions at Hamilton Springs, is in the design phase and awaiting approval from the Lebanon Planning Commission. Phase 4 will cater to the 55 and older community and will provide pedestrian connections from the future Leal Cove road to the future train station.