Main Street Streetscape

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Client: Nashville Housing Authority

The Main Street Streetscape Improvements project is part of the many enhancement efforts made by the city of Nashville as a building block to improve the quality of life for people living in East Nashville and for the city as a whole. The Main Street Streetscape design runs through the heart of East Nashville, an area with many assets as well as many impoverished conditions.

In addition to the Lose & Associates staff, the implementation team included consultants for traffic engineering and surveying along with the project’s conceptual master planners to ensure that the original intent of the design was followed through and priority areas had a clear focus. The Lose & Associates implementation team recommended construction phases with implementation priorities and administered the construction of the first phase.

The existing conditions were challenging; Lose & Associates brainstormed with the client to develop the appropriate implementation priorities to achieve maximum visual impact with limited funds. Lose & Associates directed informative public meeting and discussions with individual property owners and city staff to facilitate the cooperative effort and spirit throughout the project. The Main Street Streetscape has been truly successful because the East Nashville Community and Metropolitan staff were involved, supportive and proud of the improvements made to the neighborhood.