Middle Tennessee Boulevard (MTSU), Conceptual Streetscape Design

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Client: Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University hired Lose & Associates to address the streetscape along its North Tennessee Boulevard corridor. Since the street was a major thoroughfare for the university, the design needed to address ways to combine pedestrian and vehicular circulation in ways that improved safety and enhanced the aesthetic appearance of the campus. Lose & Associates suggested widening the pedestrian sidewalks to eight feet and separating them from the bicycle lanes. The bicycle lanes were located away from the lanes of vehicular traffic using current AASHTO standards. Regimented street trees, streetlights and a widened landscaped median were suggested to create an aesthetic corridor for traffic. Along the edges of campus, gateways to the university were created at major intersections using brick pedestrian plazas, site furnishings, enhanced landscaping, and large stone signage that reflected the school’s architectural character. Smaller internal street intersections were also enhanced using brick paving, site furnishings and enhanced landscaping.