Millwood Commons

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Client: Landmark Realty Services Corp.

The Millwood Commons project required Lose & Associates to conduct extensive research about the area surrounding the intersection of Bell Road and Blue Hole Road in order to determine the validity of a change in the land use policy of the client’s property. The firm sought to determine the benefits or consequences of rezoning the property Residential Community Commercial rather than Retail Activity Center.

After examining the demographics, the established commercial community, and the potential commercial development, Lose & Associates felt that there was a proven need for a Retail Concentrated Community land use area around the Bell Road and Blue Hole Road intersection. Evaluating the needs of a planned residential community in the area, the firm created a potential pedestrian transportation route with a major greenway link and trailhead park for the Mill Creek Greenway system as well as suggesting a course of development for future commercial projects. Presenting their concepts to the area’s councilman, the Planning Commission, and the public, Lose & Associates worked to comply with Nashville’s Land Use Policy Guidelines while creating a new commercial community that fit well with the existing residential environment.