Murfreesboro Commerce Center

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Client: City of Murfreesboro

In 1998 Murfreesboro visionary leaders decided to develop a true multi-use office park with a cross-section of medical and professional offices. The goal was to enhance the image of Murfreesboro and retain higher mean income professionals in the city. These professionals and higher wage-earning residents were leaving the city daily to work in other counties.

Lose & Associates assisted the city with attaining this vision and was charged with the responsibility of helping the city by clearly defining and achieving its goal of building a diversified office park. Firm personnel met regularly with the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce and selected consultants to orchestrate this endeavor.

The results of nine years of efforts by many officials and consultants molded the vision into reality. Lose & Associates continued to assist by developing the master signage and planting palette for the development; designing the $5 million greenway throughout the park with a visitor center and ½ -acre island park in a three-acre lake; developing the landscape and irrigation design for the boulevards throughout the site; and producing design and site-specific landscape plans for the medical and office complexes throughout the site.