Murfreesboro Greenway, Blueway, & Bikeway Master Plan

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Client: City of Murfreesboro

In 2011, the City of Murfreesboro chose to embark on a community-based planning project for the future of their greenways, blueways and bikeways within the city limits. Lose & Associates was a subconsultant to
RPM Transporation but lead the greenways and blueways portion of the master plan.

The master plan helped to determine the growth of the system over the next 25 years and provide the blueprint for a comprehensive alternative transportation network that includes roadways and sidewalks, off road trails and the waterways.

Lose & Associates worked with an advisory committee of city officials and conducted public meetings to solicit public input regarding where greenways, blueways and bikeway connections are needed. As part of our role, we developed design standards for the entire system. In addition, we assisted with budget and funding guidelines for each section of the greenway, blueway and bikeway.

The plan was adopted in April 2013, which recommended the following:

  • 67.3 miles of greenway
  • 36 miles of multi-use paths
  • 14 river access points along the west, middle, and east forks of Stones River