Oak Ridge City Center, Master Plan

Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Client: City of Oak Ridge

Lose & Associates worked with the city of Oak Ridge in an effort to revitalize its economy, improve its livability, stimulate its tourism industry, and increase its population. a three-month development of community consensus, called a Visioning Process, which incorporated public input through surveys and a public input meeting were held. The citizens indicated that revitalizing the city center was a priority. The City then asked Lose & Associates to develop a City Center Master Plan. The master planning process analyzed the social, economic, and physical site conditions leading to conceptual design solutions that were presented at a public meeting for feedback and discussion. The final master plan recommended gateway developments, improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation, indicated sources for increased tax revenues, identified means to become a tourist destination, expanded recreational services, and incorporated housing. The master plan for Oak Ridge has provided a blueprint for growth and prosperity that will sustain the city for generations to come.