Parks & Greenways Sign Plan

Location: Cary, North Carolina
Client: Town of Cary Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Dept.

Lose & Associates, in conjunction with Ashworth Environmental Design has developed a comprehensive signage system that will unify the Town of Cary’s parks, special-use facilities and greenways, while being flexible enough to adapt to site specific conditions.

The signage system will effectively provide information and direction for people to find their way through parks and along greenways, encourage learning experiences, maintain the image of the park system, and communicate park rules. To do so adequately, the following objectives have been addressed: sense of place/identity, legibility, visual appeal, unity, universal design, durability and cost effectiveness/constructability. Lose & Associates’ project team members evaluated the existing sign program within the Town of Cary Parks and Greenways based on the project goals and prepared final recommendations for the new sign program. The first built signs were installed in September 2008. All new signs will confirm to the standards created by Lose & Associates and be installed on a consistent basis.