Peoples Bank

Location: Clifton, Tennessee
Client: Autry Gobbell

Peoples Bank, located on Main Street in Clifton, Tennessee, is one of the prominent architectural buildings representing the heritage of the local community. The Bank had already expanded to its maximum capacity in their existing facility, and its growing operations were in need of additional office and data processing space. Lose & Associates was selected to assist Peoples Bank in providing for this growth and in obtaining an adjacent lot to develop into a facility in keeping with the character of the existing Bank and downtown area.

The new Peoples Bank Annex Building is a one story building on a steeply sloping site fronting Main Street, and is adjacent to the existing main bank building, sharing common parking areas. The new building enhances the downtown area through its design utilizing similar materials and is imaged to complement the existing bank building’s architecture. A small landscape park area with plaza seating and fountain area has also been designed with the new facility to provide for additional public space for community use. The facility contains approximately 5,700 sf. of offices, data processing areas and a training Room, where bank personnel at the main and branch banks can come be trained in the latest procedures and banking regulations. The training room, supporting restrooms and kitchen are also designed to allow community activities to be held while the rest of the building is secured from the public.