Perimeter Center, CID Commuter Trail Network

Location: Dunwoody, Georgia
Client: Sprinkler Consulting

The Perimeter Community Improvement Districts are located in DeKDeKalb and Fulton Counties in Metro Atlanta, and these districts are designed to provide improved multi-modal transportation enhancements through a dedicated tax structure. Lose & Associates teamed with Sprinkle Consulting on this project to provide mapping and master plan services for the Perimeter CIDs. These improvements include sidewalks, bike lanes and off-road trails that provide critical links for commuters to MARTA stations and other transportation facilities. Lose & Associates scope included the public input process, analysis of the transit stations, street network and opportunities to connect commuters to destinations throughout the area. We developed recommendations, opinions of probable cost and complied the final report.

A major component of the master plan is the incorporation of elements proposed in the Dunwoody Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan completed by Lose & Associates in 2010. Recommended greenway facilities are being evaluated and included as part of the CID plan. Cross sections will provide graphic representations of typical transportation corridors found in the districts. As part of the project, Lose & Associates was responsible for developing recommendations for integrating wayfinding, art work and cultural facilities in the commuter trail system.