Saundersville Road, Residential Development

Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee
Client: Haury and Smith

Lose & Associates’ ability to inventory and analyze site conditions is illustrated in this 206-acre residential Planned Unit Development (PUD). The site analysis identified what would typically be constraints in the layout of a development—power transmission easements and a Native American burial ground. However, the project design treated these potentially negative elements in a positive fashion by preserving them for open space and by creating an opportunity for education and cultural interpretation. The site constraints; utility easements, historic relics and flood plains, were carefully balanced and linked to create one the projects’ most appealing features—continuous open space throughout the development. The configuration of this community open space also allowed the creation of two distinct developments on one site with an overall density of 405 single family lots.

Our planning process included a Phase I archaeological reconnaissance to identify the site’s cultural resources and to determine the extent of those assets. This study evaluated the potential existence and integrity of archaeological deposits and addressed the potential for burial relics and remains. The completed Phase I study results were distributed to members of local Native American associations for review and comment and to request that investigative access to the archaeological sites be extended for additional study.

Multiple public meetings with special interest groups and with the site’s surrounding neighbors were conducted to allow the designers to become educated to the communities perception of the planned project and the impact that it might have on adjacent land uses. This careful solicitation of comments and suggestions from the public allowed us to develop a comprehensive plan that satisfies the needs of the project developers, eventual residents of the PUD and the surrounding community.