Shelby Safewalk

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Client: MDHA

Lose & Associates was asked by the Nashville Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency to coordinate with their Citizens Advisory Committee in the development of an innovative master plan for an urban greenway.  The planning process included administration of public meetings and the integration of citizen comments and suggestions in the development of a pedestrian link between existing parks, schools, churches, shopping and residential areas.  The resulting master plan featured the concept of a “safewalk” to foster community involvement and support of the initial phase of a potential city-wide greenway system.  Lose & Associates was subsequently retained to complete the construction plans and documents and to conduct construction observation for Shelby Safewalk.

Shelby Safewalk has been featured in the following:

  • Landscape Architecture (American Society of Landscape Architecture publication), April, 1995
  • P&R (National Recreation and Park Association publication), August, 1995
  • The Planning Commissioners Journal, Fall, 1994
  • Walking Magazine, August, 1994