Turkey Creek

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Client: Woodward Clyde Consultants

Lose & Associates, Inc. was a part of a multi-disciplinary design team including environmental specialists and environmental mitigation plan for the 355-acre Turkey Creek site in Knoxville, Tennessee. Lose & Associates served as land planners for the team, helping to determine the best use of our client’s property. Skillfully negotiating such issues as environmental sensitivity, public interests and client demands, the firm designed a mixed-use commercial development master plan. This design was responsive to several significant environmental features, and included concepts for a surface drainage system with intermittent retention basins to reduce the impact of runoff from the developed areas. Instrumental in the process of reacting the plan were such steps as holding public hearings to discern the desires of the community, the securing of permits from the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the presentation of preliminary ideas to federal and state agencies for approval.

The ultimate master plan, which resulted from intense land analyses as well as the incorporation of government standards and public opinions was met with a tremendous amount of positive response, satisfying all concerned federal and state agencies as well as local interests. As one of the largest new developments in the Knoxville area, Turkey Creek serves as an example of Lose & Associates’ ability to successfully determine the most appropriate use for a property while considering such elements as the environment, demographics, government standards and commercial profitability.